6month Flourish @ Home Membership - Flourish Skin and Beauty
6month Flourish @ Home Membership - Flourish Skin and Beauty

6month Flourish @ Home Membership

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A membership to support all of our Clients (new or old). 

Whats included in the price:

  • 5% off all products during membership



Flourish @ Home

Membership Terms & Conditions

The Flourish @ Home is operated by Flourish Skin & Beauty ABN 38 847 498 244. Each member of The Flourish @ Home is bound by these Terms and Conditions.

1. Introduction
1.1 These terms and conditions form the basis of Flourish @ Home. They are intended to protect both Member and Flourish Skin & Beauty. It is the Member’s responsibility to read and understand them.
1.2 If you purchase goods using this service, you are also subject to these terms and conditions.
1.3 If you use Flourish @ Home to purchase goods, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password, and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password.
1.4 Termination of your Membership shall not affect any obligations incurred before the termination.

2. Membership
2.1 Membership of Flourish @ Home Membership is open only to individuals. Membership is not open to families, groups, companies, trusts, partnerships, other entities, government departments, agencies, animals or inanimate objects.
2.2 Each Member may have only one Flourish @ Home Membership.
2.3 Persons wishing to become Members must apply for Membership and pay any applicable joining or other fees.
2.4 Membership is offered at the discretion of Flourish @ Home. Flourish @ Home has the right to accept or reject any application for Membership.
2.5 Successful applicants will be assigned a Membership number and password.
2.6 Membership is non-refundable and is not transferable.
2.7 Each Member must advise Flourish @ Home of any change of name, address, or other details as soon as practicable after the change. Changes to the mailing address, password or other details may be made on www.flourishskinandbeauty.com.au or by calling or emailing Flourish @ Home Membership Customer Services. You must supply your membership number and password when making any such changes. Written proof must be supplied for any change of name, and may be required for other changes. The Beauty Club is not responsible for any failure by a Member to notify Flourish @ Home of any changes in accordance with this term and condition, or for any incorrect changes notified to The Beauty Club.

3. Membership Fees
3.1 The Membership fee provides the Member with access to Flourish @ Home for a period of 6 months from the date of payment. Membership fees cannot be refunded and the Membership duration is for 6 months. You have the opportunity to renew the Membership after the 6 month period or allow your Membership to expire. Members will be contacted via email 30 and 14 days out from their expiry date.

4. Membership Obligations and Responsibilities

4.1 Members must not:
(a) act in any way which breaches these Terms and Conditions; or
(b) abuse or misuse Flourish @ Home Membership , any awards, benefits, services or arrangements accorded to the Member as a result of Membership including by;
(i) engaging in illegal or fraudulent activities;
(ii) supplying or attempting to supply false or misleading information, or making a representation to Flourish @ Home;
(iii) selling, assigning, transferring or acquiring, or offering to sell, assign, transfer or acquire any benefit other than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

5. Suspension or Termination of Membership
5.1 If a Member has committed a material breach of any of the Terms and Conditions or has failed to pay any money due under Flourish @ Home by the due date, whether intentionally or otherwise, then Flourish @ Home may do any one or more of the following:
(a) suspend or terminate the Member’s Membership;
(b) reverse or cancel the Member’s points or any part thereof;
(c) cancel or refuse to honour any benefits that have been redeemed by or provided to the Member.
5.2 If Flourish @ Home intends to take action under Term and Condition 5.1, it will notify the Member of its intention and the reason for that action. The Member will have 21 days to respond to this notice by rectifying the breach (where possible) and providing any reason why Flourish @ Home should not take action. Flourish @ Home will review the response and advise the Member of its position.

6. Pricing
6.1 All prices are in Australian Dollars.

7. Product Descriptions
7.1 Flourish @ Home and our suppliers attempt to be as accurate as possible. However, we do not warrant that product descriptions or other content on our website is accurate, complete, reliable, current or free from error.
7.2 If the product you purchased is not as described, please contact us immediately.

8. FREE Beauty Products
8.1 Flourish @ Home will aim to provide all Members 1-2 beauty products per year when making a purchase. An order must be placed in order for the beauty product to be awarded to the Member. If Flourish @ Home Membership is unable to provide at least 1 beauty product to each member in a 6 month period this must be communicated to the Members, however there will be no financial or legal consequence to Flourish @ Home.
This offer is subject to availability.

9. Customer Support
Flourish @ Home will make every effort to reply to each Members request/enquiry within 24-48 hours, however Flourish @ Home cannot be held liable for any damages or costs if we cannot reply within this time frame. This is due to the complexity of running a support centre and the differences in each and every request. Flourish @ Home shall report to the Members of Flourish @ Home Membership if we are failing to meet more than 70% of each request within this time frame and update our benefits promotion text.

If you have any questions in relation to the Flourish @ Home Membership Loyalty Club please contact Flourish Skin & Beauty