About Us

Welcome to Flourish Skin & Beauty. 

A Skin Care and Beauty Store.

Flourish Skin and Beauty brings you a selection of the best Skin Care, Body Care and Make-up, with a little hint of my favourite decadent candles & Reeds
Originally starting off from a small Skin Studio in Sunny North Queensland. I found a niche for treating skins in humid climates!
From here I have carefully picked and sorted the best Skin Care, Body Care & Make-up that would withstand the sunny, humid climate.
Word of mouth spread to other parts of Australia, where I began to help others via email and Facebook chats. This planted a seed to develop a website for better easy of use and product orders.
After years of performing treatments, we relocated to Sydney, this is where I decided it was time to build an online store!
Welcome, again, to Flourish Skin & Beauty.
If you have any questions, please contact us! I am more then happy to help!


Passionate, Highly Trained, Professional, Friendly Service.


About Courtney:

Where do I begin? 

I am a Qualified Beauty Therapist, Specialising in Skin Therapies. My goal is to give each and everyone of you my knowledge to help you and your Skin Care Journey. Each Journey is different and I truly love the challenge. 

The Skin Care and Beauty world can be daunting, and sometimes you can get lost. I pride myself on sourcing out the best Skin Care that co-inside with my beliefs with Treating skin. I believe, treating skin concerns from a natural point of view. Did you know over 80% of skin concerns begin from dehydrated skins?  By treating the cause of the problem, you can often find the "concern" solves itself. 

I am a HUGE believer of giving your skin the ingredients it needs to combat the "cause" of your concern and not just masking the concern. You wouldn't just put a bit of tape over a hole in a bucket and expect it to hold water forever? 

If your wanting to start your skin care journey, but don't know where to start, Contact us via email, Facebook or Instagram!! I will help walk you through this journey, one step at a time!