Clinic Policies

We understand that life happens from time to time,

To ensure our clinic runs at the best it possibly can, we strictly adhere to our Clinic Policies to ensure everyone is treated fairly. 

By making a booking, You agree to be bound by our booking policy (Booking Policy).

Booking Policy

Bookings - All bookings require a booking fee to be paid upon booking. This booking fee will not be refunded within 48hours of the booking time.

New clients who have not previously attended the Salon will not be eligible for booking fee refunds until attending their first appointment.

Booking Fees & Late Fees - Your booking time is reserved especially for you, when making a booking with Flourish Skin & Beauty you are not just reserving a service in exchange for a fee, you are also booking a spot in our calendar especially for you. If the service you have booked required an upfront booking fee, this fee immediately goes towards our out-of-pocket costs such as, domain connections, timely online booking service fees (which provides the convenience of online booking), staff rostering/wages for the booked time. Should a late cancellation fee be required to be paid, this fee contributes to our out-of-pocket costs such as, wages and supplies ordered in preparation for the booked appointment. 

Running Late - We reserve the right to cut short Your treatment time to ensure that our therapists are not late for their following appointments. If you are more than 15mins late to your appointment, you are classes as a no show, where fee's apply. 

Cancellations - All cancellations require minimum 24 hours notice.

We do our best to remind you of your appointment, 48 hours and 24 hours prior by way of Email or SMS. We ask that you confirm via way of reply (ASAP) so that we can confirm or cancel your booking.

Failure to confirm via confirmation messages, a late cancellation will result in charge of $50 or loss of deposit. 

Same day cancellations - Same day cancellations will forfeit their booking deposit. To reschedule the appointment, another booking fee of $50 will be required to secure your appointment.  Please remember if you cancel last minute, we are often unable to fill this appointment with such short notice.

No Show - In the event that You fail to show up at Your scheduled appointment, cancel or reschedule Your appointment within 24 hours of Your scheduled appointment, will result in 50% fee of total treatment cost, minus the amount of deposit will be charged in case of no-show.

To book again, we will require You to make a payment of $50 at time of Your next booking (Upfront Payment). When a booking fee has been pre-paid for the booking and there has been a late cancellation or no show, the booking fee will be forfeited. This policy is to confirm Your commitment to attending Your scheduled appointment & to protect Flourish Skin & Beauty's interest in the incident of late cancellations or no shows.

We adhere to the ACCC guidelines regarding booking fees and services.