Facial Treatment Menu:

Skin Treatment Menu: 

Bespoke Skin Boost - $179 - This bespoke facial treatment introduces hand picked actives to create a cellular change, leaving the skin glow, youthful and recharged.
What to expect:
~ Cleansing Ritual, tailored exfoliation, bespoke mask application, neck & décolletage massage, Signature foot treatment & massage, finished with on the spot blended serum & finishing touches.

Bespoke Express - $149 - The perfect treatment for those short on time.
This facial provides essential skin loving ingredients to support a healthy barrier and bringing back that youthful glow.
What to expect:
~ Cleansing Ritual, Enzyme Exfoliation, Tailored mixed mask, Signature Neck & Décolletage Massage & Finishing touches.


Pregnancy Facial - $119 - Expecting? Or maybe still breastfeeding, this is your go-to facial! While you are growing or feeding a little human, there are certain products we need to avoid plus certain areas of the body we also need to avoid. So help us protect you and your little human by selecting this treatment.

Enzyme Express Bath - $79 - Our Signature Enzyme Bath is your go to! Gentle for every skin. Little "pacman" like enzymes munch away a dead skins cells to reveal smooth, soft and glowing skin. Our express treatment includes Signature cleanse, Enzyme Bath, hand selected serums, moisturiser and SPF.

Clinical Skin Treatments:

Skin Needling - $199 - Used to treat many skin conditions and concerns. Skin Needling isn't just about collagen induction therapy, but improving the skins health, wellness and resiliency. Help reduce the signs of aging, improve Rosacea, reduce the signs of scarring and stretch marks. This is a treatment everyone can have when fully prepped for. 

Lymphatic Peptide Therapy - $149 - Firm, Lift & Contour.
This hard setting enzymes works gently on your lymphatic system and blood network to stimulate, renew and refresh from both inside & out.
- Tightening mask stimulates your lymphatic system to help detox.
- Stimulates blood flow to the surface to nourish.
- Added enzymes for gentle exfoliation.
- Sensitive skin approved

LED Light Therapy - From $89.  - Dermalux LED phototherapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses clinically proven therapeutic light energy to trigger the skins natural rejuvenation and repair process without pain or downtime. Dermalux LED is medically certified to help treat Acne, Psoriasis, Wound Healing and Pain Relief (muscular skeletal). 


Facial Add on & Upgrade Menu:

  • LED Light Therapy Upgrade - $45 
  • HydroJelly Mask Upgrade - $30 
  • Sheet Mask Upgrade - $30 
  • Medi-Pedi add on - $45 
  • Brow Define Express add on - $40 
  • Hydrating Collagen Hand Treatment add on- $25
  • Soothing Foot Treatment add on - $25