Beauty Therapist or Beautician?

What are the DIFFERENCES? 

We all go to our fav Beauty Salon for our waxing, facials and relaxation massage, but do you know the there are different qualification? Beauticians, Beauty Therapists, Estheticians or Aestheticians – What does it all mean?


The MAIN differences are the QUALIFICATION. There a numerous different levels in the Beauty Industry and only those involved in the Industry really knows or Understands the differences.  So here's there Break down of it all!


☆ Certificate III Qualified.

Beauticians mostly perform beauty services such as spray tanning, waxing, tinting, nails, makeup and lash extensions. They may be allowed in some salons to do basic express facials, body treatments and massage under the supervision of a suitably qualified beauty therapist. (P.s. Most Beauty Therapist hate it when you call  them a Beautician) 


☆Certificate IV or Diploma

Beauty Therapist is the broad term we use. A Beauty Therapist is one who is certificate IV or diploma qualified however, there are differences in what treatments they are able to perform. Beauty Therapists can be either Estheticians or Aestheticians.


☆Certificate IV

Are trained in performing various facials and massage and study anatomy & physiology and basic cosmetic chemistry. Estheticians usually work in spas and beauty salons.



Aestheticians have studied and achieved a Diploma in Beauty Therapy and are trained to perform advanced skin treatments that also includes cosmetic equipment such as high frequency, galvanic, microcurrent, sonophoresis, LED, oxygen infusion, radio frequency and Microdermabraision. They have had further training in skin anatomy and physiology, skin diseases and disorders and cosmetic chemistry.

Who would have thought, that the Beauty Industry could be so complex?

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