Skin Care 101

  • Should I moisturise in the Morning?

    "I sweat more when I moisturise in the morning, and it makes my make-up sit funny"

    A statement, Beauty Therapist's hear all to often.

  • Beauty Therapist or Beautician?

    We all go to our fav Beauty Salon for our waxing, facials and relaxation massage, but do you know the there are different qualification? Beauticians, Beauty Therapists, Estheticians or Aestheticians – What does it all mean?
  • Vitamin A


    Every skin needs Vitamin A. It is a skin NORMALISER! It also supports correct function within the your DNA.
  • Should we moisturise day and night?

    Question I get all the time!

    There are a lot of theory’s out there on when you should moisturise and what with. Some feel that moisturising during that day makes them sweat more, and their makeup slides off.....
  • Exfoliation

    When is the right time to exfoliate? Is there such a thing as to much exfoliating? There are some many different types of exfoliants, I don’t know what to use, where do I begin?

    All these questions I get asked on a daily basis.
  • Essential Fatty Acids

     Essential Fatty Acids 

    EFA's are so important for not just your overall health but your skin's health too!
    These guys help your skin cells to FUNCTION correctly.