When is the right time to exfoliate? Is there such a thing as to much exfoliating? There are some many different types of exfoliants, I don’t know what to use, where do I begin?

All these questions I get asked on a daily basis. The world of Skin Care is a BIG one, and if your not aware of what to use, it can be damaging. Each and every one of you, will have a different reason to exfoliate and this means that you will need to use different exfoliants to treat your skin and your concern.
Exfoliating is an important key to all concerns. Whether you have a build up of dead skin or whether you need it to rebuild your skins structure, Exfoliants can be a powerful tool in your skin care regime.
Most, over exfoliate with harsh stripping products. This in turn creates the skin to accelerate its skin turn over to protect itself. I like to explain this process similar to cracked heels. Our body produces these “callouses” to protect our feet from the wear and tear. If, in this case, we change the type of exfoliation to a gentle, acid based product, you would fine your skin will start to normalised and function correctly.
Now, each person will have a different routine as to when to exfoliate. As a go to guide, 1 - 2 times a week is a good starting point. If you don’t have any concerns, and wanting to look after your skin better, once a week is Suitable. If you have concerns like small breakouts, light pigmentation, fine lines, then 2 times a week is suitable. Although, if your concerns are more severe like heavy Pigmentation, grade 2-3 Acne, excess blackheads, deep lines/wrinkles, then its not about “when” its more about “what”.
Your usual, granular type exfoliants wont work in this case. Acids (Lactic Acids, Salicylic Acid & Glycolic Acid) work on a different level to granular exfoliants. They work deeper, gentler, more efficiently to cleanse and refine then skin. 1 simple ingredient can do a list of things. For example, Lactic acid, while it will exfoliate the dead skin, it will also draw water up, from within the skin to help reduce redness, inflammation, plumpen up fine line/wrinkles and repair damaged skin. Acids are a powder house in treating concerns.
These products are Professionally Prescribed, to you, and in the consultation will be explained when and how to use these products. Yes, these are products, if used incorrectly, can cause damage and worsen your concerns. This is why it is important to speak with a Skin Care Expert about your routine.
If you would love some advice on which products would best suit your skin, please contact us! I would love to help!