Should we moisturise day and night?

Question I get all the time!

There are a lot of theory’s out there on when you should moisturise and what with. Some feel that moisturising during that day makes them sweat more, and their makeup slides off. While others feel they can moisturise 4-5 times a day.
Each skin will be different. Each skin works differently with different products at different times of the day. Working out what products will work for you can be hard when you don’t know what your looking at. That’s where WE come in. Speaking to a Skin Therapist will be the key to changing your life.
Ideally, we should be moisturising Day & Night, religiously. This keeps that skin functioning correctly. It supports your skins immunity and helps stimulate collagen & Elastin Fibers. The main key is WHEN! Preferably, first thing in the morning and just before bedtime at night.
Why do I say first thing in the morning? Well, simple. It gives the skin time to fully absorb the nourishment, and to coat each skin cell perfectly, that way you won’t be sweating off your make-up. In this case, using a lighter cream moisturiser would be ideal, it wont be to heavy, but just enough to get you through you day.
Why at night time? Well, that is also simple. At nighttime, we go into our rejuvenating process. This rebuilds us from the inside out. Repairs muscles, bones, your organs, our skin, EVERYTHING! This is why it is SO important to give it more nourishment than you would during the day. (This is also the best time to apply your serums, if you have them.) Our skin tends to be more “hungrier” at night due to the process. A night oil is ideal. It coats the skin cells in an Essential Fatty Acids, which locks all the nutrients into the cell to begin the repair. Oils are a lot richer in ingredients therefore more powerful.
You can use your oils during the day if you feel like you need some extra loving for your skin, but, may shift your make-up / SPF during the day.
If you feel that your current routine needs some help, feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help!