Vitamin A

°•°• VITAMIN A °•°•

Every skin needs Vitamin A. It is a skin NORMALISER! It also supports correct function within the your DNA.
Vitamin A helps support the skin back to healthy immunity, which in turns help correct the dysfunctions that may be accruing in your skin (acne, aging, pigmentation, redness, and sensitivity just to name a few).
Vitamin A rearranges the skin cells to build a foundation of skin that it more organised and capable of handling what life throws at it.
There are many different forms, and sometimes your skin can react to it.
If you are like myself and react to most things - Beta-Carotene is your precursor to Vitamin A. This guy helps slowly build up your skin tolerance to Vitamin A.
We naturally produce Vitamin A (Retinyl palmitate) within our bodies. This is a great starting point if you feel your skin is not to sensitive. Most Professional Skin Care product use this form of Vitamin A within their products.

Most of us have heard of "Roaccutane", this is a Skin Therapists worst enemy! It is a HIGH dose of Vitamin A (retinoid). Doctors over prescribe this medication to help “fix” Acne and I am finding in most recent years Doctors are prescribing another Retinoid for Aged, Sun Damage Skins & Keratosis Pilaris. This level of Vitamin A NEEDS be slowly introduced into the skin and if not it can create MORE dysfunctions for the skin. I have seen this happen so many times I have lost count.
You can purchase Professional creams from your Skin Skin Clinic (us!), that will give you the same outcome, but better, healthier skin at the end.
If you are having any questions on Vitamin A and if it is the right thing for you, Send us a Message, WE CAN HELP!