Essential Fatty Acids

•°•° Essential Fatty Acids •°•°

EFA's are so important for not just your overall health but your skin's health too!
These guys help your skin cells to FUNCTION correctly. They coat each individual skin cell to protect them from Environmental Stress Factors. This Essential Fatty Acid coating aids in water retention. Most Skin concerns will have Trans-epidermal Water-loss, which is where is your cells are simply not retaining the required amount of water, creating thin, reddened and sensitive skin. Having a deficiency in EFA’s usually in the reason why you have sensitive skin.

EFA's also help your cells to produce "healthy oils" that secrete onto your skin giving a luscious glow! THIS IS YOUR BEST ANTI-AGING INGREDIENT YOU WILL EVER GET! The quality of your oil secretion is paramount in correct most concerns. (Thick oil will clog your pores, stick your dead skin cells to each other, create dull, thickened looking skin. Where as nice healthy thin oil will not.) Having healthy oil on your skin helps maintain your skin cell turn over, which is optimal for anti-aging.
There are products out there that can give you a topical source of EFA’s for your skin. Most professional skin products will have a nutrient rich cream (usually a night cream/oil) that will aid in the repair of your skin. Other ways of getting EFA’s to your skin is eating Fish, Avocado’s, coconut oil or even Tablets.
If you would love some advice on which products would best suit your skin, please send us a Message.