Cosmetic Tattoo Menu:

  • Cosmetic Tattoo - Initial Appointment - $459 - First time having Cosmetic Tattoo with us? This is the one for you! This appointment allows us plenty of time to have a thorough consultation with you, discuss any concerns you may have, map out your brows and perform the treatment.

    After your initial appointment, you are required to have a follow up perfecting session 4-8 weeks later. Please keep this in mind when booking.
  • Perfecting Session - $99 -  Only available within 12weeks post initial appointment. 
  • Cosmetic Tattoo - 0-6months Boosting Session - $199
  • Cosmetic Tattoo - 6-12months Boosting Session - $249
  • Cosmetic Tattoo - 12-18months Boosting Session - $299
  • Cosmetic Tattoo - 18-24months Boosting Session - $349
  • Cosmetic Tattoo - 24-30months Boosting Session - $399
  • Cosmetic Tattoo - 30-36months Boosting Session - $449
  • Consultation & Test Patch - $70

~ It is a requirement for you to purchase your own numbing cream. We will send you the link upon booking for our compounding pharmacy. Without this, we may not perform the treatment on the day. Please allow plenty of time for it to arrive in clinic. 
Numbing cream is prescribed and mixed for you. Because of this it has a 3month expiry. If you have requested for an extra session, please note you may be required to purchase more numbing cream. 

*NOTE: Boosting session prices are only available to those who have had their initial appointment with us.