Should I moisturise in the Morning?

"I sweat more when I moisturise in the morning, and it makes my make-up sit funny"

A statement, Beauty Therapist's hear all to often.

An IMPORTANT step to rebuilding your skin, improving skins texture, or combating a concern, NOURISHING and PROTECTING your skin in the morning will only help you achieve your Skin Goal QUICKER. 

But why is it important to Nourish and Protect your skin of a morning? One of the BIGGEST concerns we get when treating skins, is anti-aging. To wear an SPF everyday, greatly improves your skins chances of staying young, longer. Now, if you are like me, I prefer to have my sunblock in my moisturiser, (2 Birds, 1 Stone) you are now getting the nourishing ingredients to help combat dehydration, bacteria, pigmentation etc. Because of these reasons, is why morning nourishment is important. 

SKIN NOTE: It is only beneficial to have your SPF combined with your morning moisturiser, IF, it is a ZINC based sunblock. Why? simply, because ZINC is a great ingredient for the skin on so many levels. It is not only anti-bacterial, but fabulous at restoring, rebuilding and repairing your skin. Zinc is a physical block, making the UV Ray bounce off the skin. Chemical (avobenzone, octinoxate and oxybenzone) SPF, sit within the skin, and absorb UV Rays, making more work for your skin to do. 

Now after my ramble on about  SPF, lets get back to on topic. There are many factors as to why you may sweat more, or your make-up sits"funny". We will go through the top 5 here.. 


That's right. Like people, not everyone gets along, personalities are different.. Same goes here for Make-up and Morning Nourishment. All make-up brands go through different milling and refining processes,this alone is enough to make them not like each other. Some Nourishment are FILLED with water, and if you're a wearer of mineral make-up, Jane Iredale in particular, their minerals are designed to be water resistant. You do the math here. 

#4 - Breathable

Is your Make-up & Nourishment breathable? If they have Talc, food colouring, dyes, and artificial fragrances (just to name a few) then its more then likely, NOT. These ingredients can be another reason why your make-up doesn't sit right. They can also be a MAJOR contributing factor for BREAKOUTS! Let your skin breath, with a HIGH QUALITY MINERAL MAKE-UP. (Jane Iredale, YoungBlood, Inika)

#3 - It's just not that into you. 

Similar to #5, there could be a clash between your skin and the product. This isn't unusual, actually happens more then you think. As every skin is different, therefore, every product will act differently. Simply, consult your Skin Therapist, to find an alternative. We will be able to point you in the right direction. 

#2 - Hold up Betty, your using to much!!!

Are you applying to much nourishment and/or Make-up? There is a reason why this is #2, purely for the fact it happens more often then not, and its one of the biggest reasons why your make-up shifts. To much nourishment, can create an overload over sebum (oil) on the skin. A pump bottle nourishment is perfectly designed to give you the exact amount you require. Take Skin Juice for example, 2 pumps is your dose, your skin gets used to this exact amount daily, therefore knows how much sebum to produce. If your using a squeeze tube, then is tends to vary, therefore you can't regulate your sebum flow. Are you using to much liquid foundation? For the exact same reasons above, whether you like to believe it or not, your skin will absorb your liquid foundation, and use the ingredients to help itself. Again, if the quality is not there in your make-up, then this can open a whole new can or worms (breakouts). If you are then using too much nourishment and too much foundation, yours getting WAY TO MUCH! 


#1  - Whats the time?

When are you applying your morning nourishment? Time is the biggest factor as to whether you will "sweat" or not. If you are about to run out the door, and you have just applied your nourishment/SPF, then it hasn't had the time to fully absorb. This creates a "layer" on top of your skin, which makes you sweat. Try to change up when you apply your nourishment, make it a tad earlier, or maybe even, when you have your morning coffee? Having your nourishment fully absorb will also prevent your make-up from slipping. It's a win win. 


There you have it, My top 5 reasons and tips!


See you soon,