What is the benefits of Dermal Rolling?

Simply put, it aids in product penetration.

We have teamed up with Just Rolll With It to bring you the best at home rollers available to us in Australia! 

Using the addition of a Dermal Roller will not only improve your skin's health but reduce pigmentation, scarring, fine lines & wrinkles and reduce congestion! If you want to really amplify your results, add a serum after your have used your roller. 
The roller's micro channels allow the serum to seep further into the skin for ultimate result. 

The 540 Micro Needles create thousands of micro channels into your skin to allow your favourite serums to travel further.. These micro channels also stimulate Collagen & Elastin production, which we all know is what we need to reduce and prevent those pesky wrinkles ad fine lines.


Does it hurt? 

No, but yes.
The needles on our rollers are only .3mm deep. These will NOT drawn blood (and should not!). The forehead is the worst as the bone is so close to the surface. Courtney describes the forehead like pins and needles, but bearable. Once you have gone over an area, the tingles get easier. 

How Hygienic is the Roller?

Each Roller comes with a FREE disinfecting spray to use after each use. However, Courtney Recommends to use denture cleaning tablets after each use. Now before you go and judge her recommendations, let her explain...

"The reason I recommend denture cleaning tablets is because the tablets dissolve any dead skin cells that could be caught up in any of the nooks and crannies of the roller. Most denture tablets also change colour once the process has finished. This is a great way to know when to take out the roller. I ALWAYS follow with the disinfectant spray after the denture soak, to be extra safe!" 


I have acne, when can I start using a home roller?

If you have, what we call "active" acne, we recommend to make sure the activity has stopped before starting to treat your scarring and congestion. If you are still getting large, sore pimples, that come to heads, WAIT! Reach out even, let us help you firs...
If you have congestion (bumps under the skin) start using a roller NOW! The dermal roller will help break down the congestion and bring it to the surface to get rid of it! (Yes, this may mean you will get a breakout, but its better out then in)


I have pigmentation, how will the home roller help?

It will help break down them pigment that is sitting at the surface of the skin. It will also fast-track the skin turn over, again, pushing the pigment out of the skin. The combination use of a Home Roller and Vitamin C serum will reduce the appearance of pigment, right from the comfort of your home! 

Can I use a Dermal Roller while Pregnant? 

YES! Especially if you are one of the lucky ones who have gotten pregnancy pigment... 


If you have any further question, reach out! We are more than happy to give you personalised advice!